Android takes 35 % share from the smartphone market

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Android takes 35 % share from the smartphone market

Researching the market firm Canalys has provided Google’s Android Operating System a 35 % share from the smartphone marketplace for the very first quarter of 2011. Nokia were built with a share of 24 percent, with iOS on 19 percent.

When compared with Canalys’ figures for Q4 2010 Apple had elevated its share of the market by three percentage points. It was partly as a result of strong performance in america, stated Canalys, following a launch from the Verizon iPhone in The month of january.

Android’s elevated share was largely lower to strong performances from key brands, based on Canalys principal analyst Pete Cunningham.

“HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola and The new sony Ericsson drove Android shipments within the first quarter, with every vendor shipping more than 3 million devices. Samsung also shipped nearly 3.5 million bada operating-system-based smartphones, outperforming total shipments of Home windows Phone devices by greater than a million units,” he stated.


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