MS files button patent

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MS files button patent

Microsoft continues to be granted a patent concerning the utilization of buttons on hardware devices that form a part of a person interface.

US Patent 6,727,830, granted April 27, is referred to as a “time-based hardware button for application launch.” The patent abstract procedes to explain the patent pertains to how different functions could be invoked based on whether a control button is clicked once, clicked and held lower for time, or double-clicked inside a short time.

A Microsoft spokesman confirmed the patent was granted through the Patent and Trademark Office to Microsoft which was created by employees employed in the business’s Pocket PC group. He could not say set up patent put on desktop applications, or how Microsoft planned to enforce the patent.

The patent mainly concerns handheld computers that include some application buttons, based on the patent description:

“Previously, the actuation of the application button caused a credit card applicatoin to become launched inside a particular condition, for instance a view condition. The consumer was needed to consider further steps to invoke additional application functionality, for example opening a document. It’s desirable to more-easily launch applications in a variety of states. The current invention is forwarded to growing the functionality of application buttons in order to make this happen result,” the patent reads.

Shaun Norman, an ip work with the Chicago law practice Kirkland Ellis stated the patent made an appearance to pay for “time dimension to some click.”

“For the way lengthy you possess the button, that will define another group of applications,” he stated. “It may be used, for instance, inside a voice recorder. Rather of launching the applying, the voice recorder software could know to start recording when the user clicked and held lower around the click.”

FAT chance

Late this past year, Microsoft started demanding royalty payments for using its FAT (file allocation table) system, that it had been granted a patent in 1996. An organization known as the general public Patent Foundation in April known as for your patent to become revoked, claiming this amounted for an abuse of monopoly power by Microsoft.

“Microsoft is applying its control of the interchange of digital media to assist its ongoing effort to discourage competition,” the audience stated. “The patent causes immeasurable injuries towards the public by becoming something to enlarge Microsoft’s monopoly whilst stopping competition.”

(Robert McMillan in Bay Area led to this story.)


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