Dota 2 The Worldwide 5: All You Need To Know Dota 2

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Dota 2 The Worldwide 5: All You Need To Know  Dota 2


The Worldwide Dota 2 Championship is originating. Listed here are the most crucial information on this major Dota 2 event.

The biggest and many anticipated tournament for enthusiastic Dota 2 gamers is coming. This annual tournament, known as “The Worldwide”, may be the greatest event for Dota 2 – it’s the same as world finals for sports. This is when top tier teams fight for that pride, prize pool, and also the lovely Aegis, the trophy that symbolizes victory with the specific champions engraved onto it forever.

The Worldwide is thanks to Valve’s courageous leader and PC Master Race Prophet, Gabe Newell (and, obviously, the support and help from the whole Dota 2 community). This is when the very best meets the very best, where regions clash, in which the pride from the team and country is on the line.

Prize pool

With the aid of countless Dota 2 players around the globe, the city collected an archive-breaking amount because of its prize pool – boasting over $18 million total. That’s the greatest total prize pool we have seen to have an eSport tournament, beating out other big names like Lol, CS:GO, Starcraft, etc.

How did Steam gather a lot money? It’s all about the “Compendium”. A Compendium is definitely an in-game item where players could possibly get couple of TI5 exclusive rare and immortal products like loading screens, couriers, and much more. Players can purchase Compendiums and level them up to obtain the aforementioned perks, whilst adding towards the prize pool. 25% of each and every Compendium purchase would go to the prize pool. A fundamental compendium costs $9.99, while an amount 50 compendium costs $26.99. High-level compendiums have more rare products, and you may gain levels your compendium by playing more.

There’s also incentives offered once the prize pool reaches certain amounts. Whenever a goal is arrived at, a brand new item or update or event is going to be unlocked. A really smart method of getting players to lead – they scratch Gabe’s back, Gabe scratches their own.


Prize pool Breakdown:

Total Prize pool: $18,000,000 ($1,600,000 25% of revenue from compendium sales)

The rewards is going to be distributed among teams the following:

  • first place: 36% of prize pool
  • second place: 15.5% of prize pool
  • 3rd place: 12% of prize pool
  • fourth place: 8.5% of prize pool
  • fifth & sixth place: 6.5% of prize pool
  • seventh & eighth place: 4.5% of prize pool
  • ninth – twelfth place: 1.2% of prize pool
  • 13th – 16th place: .3% of prize pool

If you would like that in figures, the tournament web site breaks it lower for you personally:



The big event will begin in This summer 26 using the Wild Card brackets and can finish on August 8. The primary event begins August 3.



16 of the greatest competitive teams from around the globe will fight for that title, with players originating from The United States, Asia and europe. This are top tier teams around the globe asked and qualified of joining the tournament. Listed here are the 14 teams that we understand i will be seeing within the competition:


Nature Card matches will choose which two teams will fill outdoors slots. These four teams are competing for individuals spots:

  • CDEC
  • Vega
  • MVP Phoenix
  • Archon


Need to know how each event will work? Here’s the rundown:

Wild Card

  • Four teams
  • Better of 3
  • Champion of upper bracket becomes Wild Card #one in Group Stage
  • Champion of lower bracket becomes Wild Card #2.

Group Stage

  • 16 teams (including Wild Card winners)
  • Each match includes two games from the same opponent
  • Group stage pointing system:
  • 2- win provides 3 points
  • 1-1 provides 1 point
  • -2 provides points

Primary Event

The very best team in every number of Group Stage comes with an advantage: they reach pick their opponent from either the next or fourth place finish within the opposite group.

Upper Bracket:

  • Better of 3
  • Upper Bracket A: Group A Seed 1 versus Group B Seed 3/4
  • Upper Bracket B: Group B Seed 2 versus Group A Seed 3/4 (They Group B Seed 1 did not choose)
  • Upper Bracket C: Group B Seed 1 versus Group A Seed 3/4
  • Upper Bracket D: Group A Seed 2 versus Group B Seed 3/4 (They Group A Seed 1 did not choose)

Lower Bracket

  • Better of 3 (aside from the very first round that is Better of 1)
  • Lower Bracket A: Group A Seed 5vs Group B Seed 7/8
  • Lower Bracket B: Group B Seed 6 versus Group A Seed 7/8 (They Group B Seed 5 did not choose)
  • Lower Bracket C: Group B Seed 5 versus Group A Seed 7/8
  • Lower Bracket D: Group A Seed 6 versus Group B Seed 7/8 (They Group A Seed 5 did not choose)
  • Grand Finals

Better Of 5

  • Venue

The big event is going to be located in Valve’s home base of San antonio. The Primary Event is going to be locked in KeyArena, which has a 17,459 seat capacity.


Where you can Watch

You can go to theofficial The Worldwide page for live streaming and replays from the event through the tournament.

Valve may also set up a “Newcomer Show”. This can be a special broadcast featuring live matches having a special commentary for brand new people and gamers who’d like to understand more about Dota 2 when they benefit from the titles.

Consider getting ready Dota 2 fans!

Still offer the Dota 2 game, community as well as your favorite team. Be careful about your favorite teams clash with top teams and kick some ass. I would recommend organize together with your Dota 2 buddies to look at The Worldwide 2015 matches via live streams – especially around the group stage, because this is where probably the most exciting plays may happen. And (especially) remember the Finals.

Are you currently pumped for that Worldwide 2015? What teams are you rooting for? Tell us within the comments below!

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