Microsoft opens own social networking, Socl

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Microsoft opens own social networking, Socl

Will the world actually need another social networking?

Microsoft thinks so. The organization on Wednesday opened up up registration because of its new project, the aptly named Socl, to users with Microsoft and Facebook accounts. Socl launched this past year but is at beta for Microsoft employees and university students until Wednesday.

Socl is not exactly a conventional social networking. It’s a lot more like Pinterest than Facebook since it’s website landing page is stuffed with photo collages. (This can be a alter the site’s original design was decidedly less image-heavy.) Socl was created from Microsoft Research FUSE Labs’ research into social look for students.

Now, anybody can join the website and discover content either generated at random on Socl’s homepage or perform a Bing-powered search by subject. To produce a publish, you are able to pull content using their company areas of the net–photos, videos, links, etc.–and also the site puts together a collage for you personally.

You are able to “riff” or discuss others’ posts and share related links and pictures. Your profile page is really a gallery from the posts you’ve produced and also the interests and individuals you follow–no wall posts or 140-character bon mots here.

The emphasis is less on buddies than content. Should you register making use of your Facebook login information, Socl will discover your Facebook buddies, however the site encourages you to definitely explore and fasten with other people according to common interests and posts you want.

Facebook competitor?

Some within the dunia ngeblog have asked whether Microsoft is attempting to contend with Facebook, but Socl is not similar to Facebook whatsoever. Like Pinterest, Microsoft’s new network appears just like a solid method to waste a couple of hrs browsing random photos and links as opposed to a tool to talk with buddies.

And Microsoft acknowledges Socl’s limitations. Around the site’s About page, the organization states Socl isn’t made to contend with the established social systems, but is rather an “experimental research study having a minimal group of features.”

Microsoft is trying to produce a unified, mix-platform ecosystem that extends across hardware (its Surface tablets) and software (Home windows 8) to look engines (Bing) and, now, its very own social networking. The organization is tinkering with viral ad campaigns and Twitter stunts.

But, the issue remains: Can the organization shed its old-fashioned image and enter a brand new era in technology controlled by touch and social? That answer could hinge on Socl’s success.

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  1. It strikes me as kind of odd that Tetris not achieving massive monetary success is seen as a “sad” thing. I loved it when I became aware of it, and still enjoy playing it to this day, so I definitely think the world would be poorer for its absence. However, nonexistence and lower profitability are two very different things.nI pe1onally see the democratization of game development as a great thing. I imagine that for many more established indie develope1 this threate1 their job/profit security (such as it is), and I sympathize. Still, placing tools of creation in as many hands as possible can only enrich this (or any) art form. I certainly don’t believe the big game develope1 should be re-enthroned as bottlenecks to individual expression and creativity – and there’s no reasonable way to categorize some indies as “legitimate” while ignoring othe1.nThe situation with Threes or any cloned game is unfortunate, but plagiarism and non-profitability in art is an issue that has existed for long before this decade. Ask any group of artists and they’ll tell you that they’d be thrilled to make livable profits doing what they love, but the percentage of them who actually do is very small. Yet there are still plenty of “starving” write1, painte1, musicia1, etc., creating every day. For this same reason, I don’t believe ultra simple games will disappear. Early in your essay, you say, “If anyone can make a game, everyone will make a game.” Well, even after the chance of winning the indie game lottery becomes lightning-strike remote, those who love to create games will do so – just like all of the other artists out there. The problem of fair compe1ation in the arts ru1 much older and deeper than electronic games and will need to be addressed on a cultural level.nI want to live in a world where we can mostly do what we love and still live decently, but most of us have to focus on trying to make a decent living and doing what we love when we find the time. I say all of this as a “starving” game artist.

  2. I´m from Germany and did unde1tand Jess ever when she Talked, I had no problem and I´m really bad with English…
    Jess Rocks <3

  3. Looks cool… and the landing page game is addictive 🙂

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