King of Fighters 14 Ryuji Yamazaki DLC: Strengths From The Coming back Character

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Lately, Atlus and SNK has confirmed the next King of Fighters 14 DLC character is Ryuji Yamazaki. Unlike Whip, Yamazaki is certainly a harmful character and it is noted to become up against the Orochi, the game’s evil forces. Here’s what we should know of the second King of Fighters 14 DLC character.

Yamazaki Trailer

As seen around the new King of Fighters 14 trailer, the following DLC character is confirmed to become Yamazaki. In the previous King of Fighters appearances, Yamazaki is regarded as a powerful character whose fighting style involves taking advantage of his capability to inhumanly stretch his arms, brawl and create very hard moves. Yamazaki wasn’t playable in the last King of Fighters 13 entry. Fans who know Yamazaki or players who would like a tough hitting character might find him enjoyable within this iteration.


Yamazaki still relies on a single hands-stretching, sadistic, and heavily improvised brawling fighting style because he did in the past titles. His featured special moves may allow Yamazaki to possess some reliable zoning tools whilst getting moves to battle in close-quarters. Because of his immense strength and good zoning moves, Yamazaki could be a good anchor character that players have to defeat last to win against.

King of Fighters 14 DLC To Date

Formerly, Whip was revealed because the first King of Fighters 14 DLC character. Whip is generally a person in they Ikari Players together with Leona, Ralf, and Clark. As observed in a clip, she’s simple with Yamazaki despite his personality that could mean they’re teammates within this tournament.

After Whip and Yamazaki, you may still find a couple of figures left to become revealed because the next King of Fighters 14 DLC. One unrevealed character appears to possess his back switched from viewer and the other group of legs is visible still observed in the look. The fans curently have some speculations for who both of these figures are.

Character Speculations

Potentially, the type together with his back switched in the viewer might be Rock Howard, Geese’s boy. He’s noted for his mixture of moves which is between Other poultry Howard, his true father, and Terry Bogard, his father figure. Furthermore, Rock Howard’s famous win pose is how he turns his back toward the target audience and briefly sprouts wings produced from his power’s powers.

Lastly, another unrevealed figures is hardly distinguishable because of their odd positioning within the picture. However, fans heavily speculate that Blue Mary can make it as being a King of Fighters 14 character. In her own previous appearances, she’s among the grappler figures outdoors Goro Daimon and Clark Still. Presently, we’ll need to wait for a next King of Fighters 14 announcement to understand who these approaching DLC figures really are.

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