Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.17: The Greatest New Alterations In Velvet Covering Mid-Season Reinforcements Patch

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Lately, Ubisoft folded the Rainbow Six Siege update 2.17 featuring mid-season changes and fixes. An operator rework, buffs, nerfs, and bug fixes are also confirmed within this patch. Here’s what we should know of the Rainbow Six Siege update 2.17.

Operation Velvet Covering Mid-Season Reinforcements Patch

Around the official Rainbow Six Siege site, Ubisoft has listed the alterations and bug fixes within the mid-season Reinforcements Patch. The Rainbow Six Siege update 2.17 features upgrading on Glaz’s, scope, new Twitch elite set, operator and weapon balance changes, and lots of bug fixes. Players might find some changes that may tip the competitive meta for their side.

Glaz Rework

The Rainbow Six Siege update 2.17 improves Glaz’s Switch Sight scope. Using the rework, Glaz’s new scope can thermally mark targets through smoke. Players are now able to use smoke as cover Glaz to choose off targets because of his improved thermal scope. However, the thermal scope can’t mark targets through walls.

Twitch Elite Skin

In France They Offense operator, Twitch, receives a top-notch skin within this Rainbow Six Siege update 2.17. Twitch’s Maquis set features offer her and her drones a brand new look. The brand new Elite skin also references the World War Ii French resistance. Greater than a historic reference, this skin gives fans more great looking options over her regular costume.

Operator and Weapon Changes

Doc and Buck received buffs within this new Rainbow Six Siege patch. Doc are now able to overheal as much as 140 health because the previous 120 maximum overheal health was considered underwhelming. Meanwhile, Buck will get an additional magazine for Skeleton Key shotgun attachment. Buck are now able to use his Gadget to flexibly breach walls or blast opponents using the extra ammunition.

Meanwhile, changes like sight reticle size reductions, DMR trigger rate fixes, along with other Operator-specific primary weapon changes will also be within this patch. The main weapon changes include buffs and nerfs. Echo’s MP5SD2 had a medium range damage buff and Jackal’s C7E recoil was elevated. Players should adapt based on these changes.

Zero MMR Exploit along with other Fixes

Ubisoft has additionally think of a solution for that Zero MMR Exploit where teams would receive no rated points for winning matches. Not only applying the fix, Ubisoft also came back the abandon penalty on departing matches throughout the match’s final kill cam. Ubisoft continuously monitor the problem following the Rainbow Six Siege update 2.17.

For other fixes, Ubisoft listed lower specific character bug fixes on certain game modes as well as their tools. Some bug fixes are now allowing Shield Operators to bar explosive damage properly, and Sledge’s model doesn’t look corrupted any longer and prevents Montagne from getting hurt should you shoot his pistol. The following Rainbow Six Siege DLC can come in May and can have operators along with other content according to Hong Kong. Stay updated with increased Rainbow Six Siege news here on TheBitBag.

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